It's Hot Hot Hot!

The weather is miserably hot of late. Temps hitting in the near 100's with not much to spare and the humidity is through the roof. As of yesterday afternoon the AC decided it just wasn't worth it and gave up on us, or so we thought. Turns out I'm not very good at flipping circuit breakers. A much welcomed visit from my darling father and all was well again!

The girls are extremely bored despite swimming, trips to the thrift store, various crafts, along with outdoor, tv and computer time. Unfortunately between keeping the girls occupied and Brett's great adventures (he's become quite a little tyrant and escape20 artist!) I haven't had sewing time as I'd like. I'm to blame also, due to my lack of ability in the time organization department. I have been working on a couple of shirts for me, and also finished a few UFO's that have been lounging around just to long.

While I'm sewing I like to listen to music. I find it's relaxing and I seem to stay on track better. The implant has been an amazing success, so I'm back to listening to my music and at least straightening my sewing room a bit. So far I'm just now supposed to start hearing and understanding voices vs noises, but the implant has been such a success I've been doing that since day 1! Now it's just a matter of making things clearer and finding the right adjustments for optimum hearing. It's been a fun experience!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and staying cool!

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